How Very Digital is a pocket-sized software company specialising in WordPress and WooCommerce plugins. We prioritise products that work, a developer you can trust and reliable and helpful support long after you’ve bought your first plugin.

We’re a family business based in the south of France.  When we moved from London in 2016 we went remote with our web development and content marketing businesses. How Very Digital was launched in 2020, combining our expertise to create great digital products that are easy to use.

Alastair runs the technical side of How Very Digital. How Very Digital is the culmination of years spent developing sites and software for global household names.  His approach to development products is simple: meticulous attention to detail and creating products that are user-friendly.

Holly looks after the smooth running of How Very Digital. Communication is her passion and professional forte; she has over 9 years experience in digital marketing and customer support working with clients dotted all over the globe. She knows the drill with WordPress and WooCommerce and loves helping you get the full benefit from your plugin.


1. We’re fast and personal with our technical support. We don’t disappear as soon as you’ve bought our product; we want you to get the most out of our plugin.

2. We spend all our time on WordPress and WooCommerce. We channel all of this insight into building products that really do what they’re meant to and integrate seamlessly into your site.

3. Our plugins are always compatible with the latest version of WordPress and WooCommerce.

4. You have access to our collection of supportive tutorials that will guide you through the installation process and preempt your queries. Of course, if you still have questions, we’ll support you promptly via email.

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